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Terms of closing

1. General Conditions:

a.Customer must carefully read the terms of this agreement before signing it.
b.The client must prove with legal documents that he meet the conditions imposed by this contract.
This clause of the contract is supported by customer signature.

2.Contract subject

Car rental by a person or entity is intended for use only on the Romanian territory.

3.Duration of contract may be modified by the client or owner only by preparing and signing a new lease.

4.Legal age: Minimum rental age is 21 years and minimum 1 year license.
The owner reserves the right to refuse to rent cars to a customer without further explanation.

5.Shipping & returns:

a.The car is delivered to the customer in good overall condition, without any defects, irregularities should be immediately communicated to the owner at the time of delivery.
b.The client agrees to return the car with documents, with accessories in good condition and the location owner on mutually agreed upon contract drafting.
c.More than 3 (three) hours after the time established in the contract (if the client does not notifies previous owner) gives the owner the right to immediately notify the police for attempted theft.

6.Terms of use: Customer agrees that the car should not be driven: contravention of traffic laws, customs or other law; transport goods or people in exchange for some money;
c.for the pull or push any vehicle;
d.under influence of alcohol or drugs by the client or other person in his entourage or any other substance that may slow down the speed of reaction. case of damage repairs must be made by an authorized person; framework of a race or contest of any kind;
g.the car should not be left unattended if there are open windows, doors, trunk or when keys are inside the car.


a.The owner reserves the right to change the rate / day or not to give back the difference in money paid in advance if the customer returns the vehicle earlier than the date specified in the contract.
b.The owner reserves the right to require the customer extra money in the following cases:
-Car is returned later than the date and time established in the contract;
-Cars are delivered / returned with the fuel tank full, half or quarter; any difference if the car is returned with less fuel will be charged 2 euros / liter;
-Car must be delivered / over cleaner indoors and outdoors. If the vehicle is returned in other conditions than was given, the customer will be charged a fee of 10 euros. If the car is returned with scratched mirrors will incur a charge of 30 euros for the polish;
-Minimum rental period is 2-3 days, next 3 (three) hours of delay will be charged at 15 euros / hour, and if that accumulate over three (3) hours of the customer will be charged late fee rent a car for another day;
-Fines will be paid by the client;
-Warranty for rent is between 200 euros and 300 euros. The guarantee will be returned to the client when the car is returned just as it was rented in good condition along with documents and car keys;
-In the event of damage, loss of car documents or keys, the client will lose warranty;
-In the event of damage to tires, including the spare tire client must remedy, following these rules leads to arrest of 50 euros in guarantees for subsequent repair of tires;
Warranty will be lost if coercion or overload motor gearbox;
Warranty will be lost if the car paint scratching or damage, or in case of burns inside the car.


a.The cars have CASCO insurance.
b.The client should have their own health insurance.
c.In if the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs and an accident occurs, the customer must pay all damages.

9.The owner can not be held responsible if the customer suffers a car accident because of an incorect operation.

10.Accident, damage, theft:

a.Both parts agree to support and protect the interests of its owner and the insurance company in case of an accident, theft or damage to the car with " Name and address, getting people involved in the accident and witnesses;
-Do not leave the vehicle without taking the necessary precautions;
-immediate notification to the owner by telephone even if is a minor damage.
b.The documents must be obtained from the Police immediately in case of an accident, damage, theft:
-Police report must contain:
-Signature and official examiner of the Police stamp.
-To specific whether to run or not drunk in an accident or a second Annex of insurance company will signed and stamped.
-the repair authorization must contain signatures and official examiner of Police stamp question.

11.Validity: Customer agrees that any addition or removal of conditions of this contract will be deemed void if not approved in writing by both parties.

12.Any misunderstanding between the two parties on contained in this Agreement shall be resolved by amicable settlement between the parties or the Court of Bucharest.

13.The delivery outside the city. Free delivery takes place in the city and Otopeni Airport fee (20 euros).